About Us

Who We Are

Started in 2016 IHealthUp was created with one goal in mind to improve the lives of people through tools and information. Created as a way to share tutorials for how to improve longevity and care for skin became something more. As of 2018 iHealthUp transitioned from self massage tools to Therapist oriented tools made to improve the lives of Massage Therapists, by tackling the prevention of pain from years on the job. From there on out we decided to dedicate ourselves to creating more for the people around us and to step by step educate those who are interested. Thank you for coming along our journey.

Worldwide shipping

We offer low rate shipping to US, Canada and the rest of the world!


Our tools are made of high quality food grade silicon. It lasts for years!


DTP tools are sold excusivle @ www.ihealthup.com


Safe, secure and easy way of transferring the money internationally.